Born in Tunisia in Autumn 1985 I grew up inside an enriching environment made of a mix between both Oriental and Western cultures.

I was soon interested in the arts under all its forms.
I first practiced drawing. Fond of music since my youngest age, I gradually became a multi instrumentalist through the years playing the piano first, then the guitar. Moreover, I was at the same period of my life very interested in photography as well. Therefore, I decided to mix these two passions after several years of practicing shooting bands on stage.

Following a dreadful period of work always paying attention to the quality of my pictures since I started working in this business, I was gradually contacted by bands and magazines to have my pictures published in different supports, but most of all, I succeed in becoming the official photographer of some international bands.

That’s what I’m the most proud of. These wonderful collaborations that were built trough time were an important part of my work because this friendship enables me to shoot pictures which best correspond to their musical universe.

That’s how I learnt, and that’s the way I like to work. Hope you like it.                                                          – Nidhal Marzouk –